We at PatternSouk are a vertically integrated company when it comes to sampling and pattern room tasks.

Beginning from a block or base pattern development down the line to – sample making ( proto samples, fit samples, design samples, photo shoot samples) – for fit approvals – fit corrections through comments – grading’s – salesman samples / size sets final approvals –

Pre-production samples – till final production markers.


Sampling is one of key elements of the pre-production processes in a garment industry. Before a manufacturer produces bulk orders, a prior sampling of styles is done to get approvals and proceed on to production development of garments.


Purpose of Sampling:


  • To get design, fabric, embroidery, print, color, trims, accessories and fit approvals.
  • To allow the buyer to determine the quality and production capabilities of the manufacturer.
  • To provide a means for making revisions in the bulk production process.
  • To let the manufacturer estimate the thread and fabric consumption, and develop cost quotations.


Our sampling team can handle all sorts of designs, silhouette and fabrics –woven and knits both.

In the first phase we cover the development of the initial concept or design idea and getting the approval by the customer.

In the second phase once fit and design gets approved, we move on to corrections and grading process, to provide patterns for size sets, photo shoots, salesman samples and pre-production procedures.

The third and final phase includes a range of activities that are carried out before large scale or bulk production cutting and manufacturing, like production marker layout, fabric assorting etc.


Sampling being a very detailed procedure and includes information like a product/style code or a reference number, color specifications, kind of fabric, composition, description, quantity, and details of embroidery, buttons, zippers, or any other sort of accessories used. Hence it can be said that samples of garments work as a bridge between buyers and the producers.

And as it is said that, “A man is only as good as his tools”. Similarly the pattern and sample is only as good as the information or details been provided. More precised and accurate the tech-pack (technical specification sheet), better the outcome.


For better efficiencies ( fabric utilization), check and stripes matching, print placements ( for digital printing) please ask for our marker layout services.