The Pattern Souk is a Hub for all apparel manufacturing related support and services and is a unique service provider in the field of 3D and Virtual Prototyping in the Apparel Industry as of now.

We are solely dedicated to serve the fast paced apparel industry with preeminent quality backend services at reasonable prices.

Our aim is to provide a unique quick response service for pattern making from prototype to final bulk patterns through its various stages of development. Clients can choose the stage they need our services whether that be first proto sample or fit stage or production grading, costing or bulk marker making etc.

Pattern Making,Grading,Marking,Garment Sampling and Related Services for Apparel Industry, Fashion Industry, Leather Industry Fashion Designers, freelancers, Fashion Show, Men’s wear, Women wear, Kids wear, Lingerie, Sportswear, Nightwear, Custom Apparels, Nursing Apparels, Medical Uniforms, School Uniforms , Bags, Accessories, Knits and Hosiery, GMT students, Dress Designing students, Clothing technology projects, Fabric / cost saving projects, Small-scale exporters, Buyers, Buying houses who need to control their overheads.

The Pattern Souk services are built on a technologically driven platform of CAD Software’s and easy electronic communication which save time, costs and efforts. For example – a client can email us the sketch and specifications of product and patterns are developed with software enabled draping techniques, ready for sample cut and sew.

Pattern Making Services

Outsourcing to a Quality Vendor Helps to Concentrate on Your Core Areas :-

Traditionally, employees spend 80 percent of their time managing details and only 20 percent on strategy or value added functions. Once a process is successfully outsourced, the ratio can be reversed. Executives get more control over their most valuable resource: time:

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Eliminate the need to find, hire, train and manager a qualified staff. Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources, most often people resources, form non core activities toward activities which serve the customer. Employees whose energies are currently focused internally can now be focused externally on the customer.

Outsourcing with us, you get a reliable & Professional Service.