Tech Pack Development

Tech Pack is a technical specification sheet, containing complete information sheets in a single pack that technicians and designers collaboratively create for designers, buyers and manufacturers to be on a common page during complete process of style development, beginning from initial sampling to final production and out to stores containing all the necessary components needed to construct and pack a product. Generally, a thorough tech pack comprises of Style design flat sketch, illustrations, measurements, size specifications, POM, materials, colors, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, packing instructions, sewing details and much more.

This set of documents been created by tech-designers helps a manufacturer needs to turn the design into a product.

Tech pack is a basic requisite for product development and production and all the parties involved can feed or extract information. However, Tech Pack has now evolved to solve various functions like tracking everything from design decisions to fit changes to material approvals and so on.

Importance of a good technically detailed information pack before starting the garment process –

  • To achieve accurate and precised patterns.
  • To get more accurate sampling.
  • To be more accurate while doing product costings.
  • To be in agreement with the buyers, buying house, suppliers and internal co-ordinations with all departments.
  • To keep quality of garment in lieu of fabric, sewing, accessories etc in check.
  • It works as a common reference point, in case of any miscommunications and misunderstandings.
  • While keeping and maintaining a track record of all fit submissions and approvals.
  • Creates a collaborative environment to collectively address issues that cannot be addressed individually.

It Helps Save Time & Money

Yes, it might take additional time to create a tech pack in the beginning but when calculated the actual time and cost, Tech Pack saves time and money in each processes both in product development and production phase. When anytime anyone has a question, the first place they will refer to is a Tech Pack to look for answers. It is quick and easy to find the answer there instead of losing communication and time when checking for the answer. Loss of time and money can be avoided from wrong samples, development cost and logistics of samples by using a Tech Pack.

  • In order to the artwork for you, we will need some sketches, photos or indication of what you want us to do. These are also required if you wish for us to give you a quote
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  • We will give you a quote before we start any work so that you can approve the cost and budget if needed.
  • All payments for design work, must be paid before work is carried out.
  • Payment covers copyright permissions to be transferred from our designers to you and without payment, you do not own the rights for the artwork to be used in any way.